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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 2 Samuel 2

1 a By the meanes of the hie Priest, as {1 Sam. 23,2} & {2 sam. 5,19}

1 b Which citie was also called Kiriath-arba, {Josh. 14,15}.

6 d According to his promes, which is to recompence them that are merciful.

7 e So that you shal not want a captaine & a defender.

9 ! Abner maketh Ish-bosheth King ouer Israel.

11 g After this time was expired, he reigned ouer all the countrey 33 yeres, {Chap. 5,5}.

14 h Let vs se how they can handle their weapons.

15 ! The battel of the seruants of Dauid and Ish-bosheth.

16 / Or, the field of strong men.

17 k After that these foure & twentie were slaine.

23 m Some read, in those partes, where as they liuely partes lye: as the heart, the lungs, the liuer, the milt, and the gall.

27 o If you hadest not prouked them to battel, as {ver. 14}.

29 / Or, to the tents.

31 p Thus God wolde confirme Dauid in his kingdome by the destruction of his aduersaries.