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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 30

1 a After that he departed from Achish.

1 ! The Amalekites burne Ziklag.

3 c For these onely remained in the citie, when the men were gone to warre.

6 d Thus we se, that in troubles & aduersitie we do not consider Gods prouidence, but like raging beastes forget bothe our owne duetie and contemne Gods appointment ouer vs.

6 ! The people wolde stone him.

8 ! He asketh counsel of the Lord and pursuing his enemies, recouereth the praye.

8 e Thogh God seme to leaue vs for a time, yet if we trust in him, we shal be sure to finde comforte.

11 f God by his prouidence bothe prouided for the necessitie of this poore stranger, and made him a guide to Dauid to accomplishe his enterprise.

15 g For othes were in all ages had in moste reuerence euen among the heathen.

16 h The wicked in their pompe and pleasures consider not the judgement of God, which is then at hand to smite them.

17 i Some reade, & vnto the morowe of the two euenings: that is, thre daies.

20 k Which the Amalekites had taken of others, & Dauid from them besides the goods of Ziklag.

22 l Vnder these are comprehended the cattel and goods, which apperteined to euerie man.

25 m Some referre these wordes to Dauid, that he alledged an olde custome & law, as if it were whit, It is now and hathe bene euer.

31 n Shewing him selfe mindeful of their benefites towards him.