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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 17

1 ! Philistims make warre against Israel.

5 b That is, 156 lib. 4 onces, after halfe an once the shekel. & 600 shekels weight ammounteth to 18 lib. 3 quaters.

5 / Or, coate of plate.

10 / Or, hand to hand.

12 / Or, he was counted among them that bare office.

17 d Thogh Ishai ment one thing, yet Gods prouidence directed Dauid to another end.

18 e If they haue laied anie thing to gage for thier necessitie, redeme it out.

22 / Ebr. vessels

23 f As are aboue rehearsed {ver. 8 & 9}

29 i For his fathers sending was a juste occasion, & also he felt him self inwardly moued by Gods Spirit.

33 k Here Satan prueth Dauids faith by the infidelitie of Saul.

34 l Dauid by the experience that he hathe had in time past of Gods helpe, nothing douteth to ouercome this danger, seing he was zealous for Gods honour.

34 ! The strength and boldenes of Dauid.

37 m For by these examples he sawe that the power of God was with him.

40 n To the intent that by these weake meanes God might only be knowen to be the autor of this victorie.

43 o He sware by his gods that he wolde destroye him.

46 p Dauid being assured bothe of his cause & of his calling, prophecieth of the destruction of the Philistims.

48 q Being moued with a feruent zeale to be reuenged vpon this blasphemer of Gods Name.

50 ! Dauid killeth Goliath and the Philistims flee.

55 r That is, of what familie & tribe is he? or els, he had forgotten Dauid, albeit he had receiued so great a benefit by him.