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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 16

2 b That is, to make a peace offring, which might be done thogh the Arke was not there.

2 / Ebr, in thine hand.

4 c Fearing, lest some grieuous crime had bene commited because the Prophet was not wonte to come thether.

6 d Thinking, that Eliab had bene appointed of God to be made King.

14 e The wicked spirits are at Gods commandement to execute his wil against the wicked.

18 f Thogh Dauid was now anointed King by the Prophet, yet God wolde exercise him in sondry sortes before he had the vse of his kingdome.

23 g God wolde that Saul shulde receiue this benefite as at Dauids hand, that his condemnation might be the more euident, for his cruel hate towarde him.

1 ! Samuel is reproued of God, & is sent to anoint Dauid.

1 a Signifying, that we oght not to shewe our selues more pitiful then God, nor to lament them whome he casteth of.