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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 8

1 ! Samuel maketh his sones judges ouer Israel, who followe not his steppes.

1 a Because he was not able to beare the charge.

6 d Because thei were not content with the ordre that God had appointed, but wolde be gouerned as were the Gentiles.

9 e To proue if they wil forsake their wicked purpose.

11 f Not that Kings haue this autoritie by their office, but that suche as reigne in Gods wrath shulde vsurpe this ouer their brethren contrary to the Law, {Deu. 17,20}.

11 ! Samuel declareth in what state they shulde be vnder the King.

18 g Because ye repent not for your sinnes, but because ye smart for your afflictions, whereinto ye cast your selues willingly.

19 ! Notwithstanding they aske one stil, & the Lord willeth Samuel to grant vnto them.