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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): 1 Samuel 3

1 b Because there were very fewe Prophetes to declare it.

1 ! There was no manifest vision in the time of Eli.

3 d That is, the lampes which burnt in the night.

4 e Josephus writeth that samuel was twelue yere olde, when the Lord appeared to him.

4 ! The Lord calleth Samuel thre times.

8 g Such was the corruption of those times that the chief Priest was become dull and negligent to vnderstand the Lords appearing.

11 ! And sheweth what shal come vpon Eli and his house.

11 h God declareth what soden feare shal come vpon men when they shal heare that the Arke is taken and also se Elis house destroyed.

14 i Meaning that his posteritie shulde neuer enjoye the chief Priests office.

17 k God punishe thee after this and that sort, except thou tel me trueth, {Ruth. 1,17}.

19 l The Lord accomplished whatsoeuer he had said.

20 / Or, that Samuel was the faithful Prophet of the Lord.