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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ruth 4

1 b The Ebrews here vse two wordes which haue no propre signification, but serue to note a certaine persone: as we say, ho, syrray, or ho, suche one.

1 ! Boaz speaketh to Ruths next kinseman touching her marriage.

4 c For thou art the next of the kinne.

5 d That his inheritance might beare his name that is dead.

7 e That he had resigned his right, {Deut. 25, 9}.

7 ! The ancient custome in Israel.

10 f Or, of the citie where he remained.

18 k This genealogie is broght in to ??? that Dauid by succession came of the house of Judah.

18 ! The generation of Pharez.