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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Ruth 1

1 ! Elimelech goeth with his wife and children into the land of Moab.

1 / Ebr. judged.

1 a In the land of Canaan.

1 b In the tribe of Judah which was also called Bethlehem Ephrathah, because there was another citie so called in the tribe of Zebulun.

4 c By this wonderful prouidence of God Ruth became one of Gods housholde, of whome Christ came.

9 e Hereby it appeareth that Naomi by dwelling among idolaters as waxen colde in the true zeale of God, which rather hathe respect to the ease of the body then to the comfort of the soule.

15 g No persuasions can preuaile to turne them back from God whome he hathe chosen to be his.

19 h Whereby appeareth that she was of a great familie & of good reputation.

19 ! Naomi and Ruth come to Bethlehem.

20 / Or, bitter.

22 i Which was in the moneth Nisan, that conteine the part of March & parte of April.