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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 18

1 a For they had now remoued it from Gilgal and set it vp in Shiloh.

1 ! The Tabernacle set in Shiloh.

2 b As Elezar, Joshua & the heades of the tribes had done to Iudah, Ephraim and halfe of Manasseh.

4 ! Certeine are sent to deuide the land to the other seuen tribes.

4 c That is, into seuen portions, to euerie tribe one.

5 d For these had their inheritance already appointed.

7 f That is, the sacrifices and offrings, {Chap. ???,14.}

8 g By writing the names of euerie countrey and citie.

10 h That euerie one shulde be content with Gods appointement.

11 i Their inheritnace bordered vpon Judah and Joseph.

11 ! The lot of the children of Benjamin.

13 k Which was in the tribe of Ephraim another Beth-el was in the tribe of Benjamin.

19 m To the very streit, where the riuer runneth into the salt Sea.

28 n Which was not wholly in the tribe of Benjamin but parte of it was also in the tribe of Judah.