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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 15

1 ! The lotte of the children of Iuday, and the names of the cities and villiages of the same.

2 a The Ebrewe worde signifieth tongue, whereby is ment ether the arme of the Sea that commeth into the land, or a rocke or cape that goeth into the Sea.

5 b Meaning the mouth of the riuer where it runneth into the salt Sea.

14 e This was done after the death of Joshua, {Jud 1,10}.

18 f Because her housband taried to long.

19 g Because her countrey was baren, she desired of her father a field that had springs.

19 / Or, Grante me this petition.

30 h Which before was called Zephath, {Jud. 1,17}

49 k Which is also called Kiriath-sephes, {vers.15}.

63 m That is, vtterly, thogh they slewe the moste parte, & burnt their citie. {Judg. 1,2}.