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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 8

4 b God wolde not destroy Ai by miracles, as Jericho, to the intent that other nations might feare the power & policie of his people.

7 / Or, driue out (the inhabitants) of the citie.

12 e He sent these fewe, that the other which lay in ambushe, might not be discouered.

13 f To the intent that they in the citie might the better discouer his armie.

18 h Or, lift vp the baner, to signifie when they shal inuade the citie.

20 / Or, towarde the heauen.

24 k For the fire, which they had before set in the citie, was not to consume it, but to signifie vnto Joshua that they were entred

29 m According as it was commanded, {Deut. 21,23}.

29 ! The King thereof is hanged.

32 n Meaning the ten commandements, which are the summe of the whole Law.

32 ! He writeth the Lawe vpon stones,

35 o So nether yong nor olde, man nor woman were exempted from hearing the worde of the Lord.