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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 7

1 a In taking that which was commanded to be destroied.

1 ! The Lord is angry with Achan.

2 b This was a citie of the Amorites: for there was another so called among the Ammonites, {Jere. 49,3}. The first Ai is called Aiath, {Isaiah. 10,28}.

5 c God wolde by this ouerthrowe make them more earnest to search out and punish the sinne committed.

7 d This infirmitie of his faith sheweth how we are inclined of nature to distrust.

9 e When thine enemies shal blaspheme thee, & say, that thou wast not able to defend vs from them.

12 f Then, to suffre wickednes vnpunished is, to refuse God wilingly.

13 g Meaning the man that toke of the thing forbidden.

15 h That is, founde gyltie ether by lottes, or by the judgement of Vrim, {Nomb. 27,21}.

16 ! Joshua inquireth out him that sinned, and stoneth him & all his.

19 i By declaring the trueth: for God is glorified when the trueth is confessed.

21 k Suche a riche garment as the states of Babylon did weare.

24 m This judgement onely apperteineth to God, and to whome he wil reueile it: to man he hathe commanded not to punishe the childe for the fathers faute, {Deut. 24,16}.

24 l Some read, a plate: others, a rod, and some a tongue.

24 / Or, neuewe.

25 n He declareth that this is Gods judgement, because he had offended, and caused other to be slaine.