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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 6

1 b That none colde come in.

1 c For feare of the Israelites.

3 ! The Lord instructeth Joshua what he shulde do as touching Jericho.

4 e That the conquest might not be assigned to mans power, but to the mercie of God, which with moste weake things can ouercome that, which semeth moste strong.

6 ! Joshua commandeth the Priests and warriers what to do.

7 f This is chiefely ment by the Reubenites, Gadites, & halfe the tribe of Manasseh.

9 g Meaning the rerewarde, wherein was the standerd of the tribne of Dan, {Nomb. 10,15}.

13 i The tribe of Dan was so called, because it marched last, and gathered vp whatsoeuer was left of others.

15 k Besides euerie day once for the space of six dayes.

19 m And therefore cannot be put to anie priuate vse, but must be first molten, & then serue for the Tabernacle.

23 n For it was not lauful for strangers to dwel among the Israelites, til they were purged.

24 ! All is burnt saue golde and metal.

25 p For she was maried to Salmon, prince of the tribe of Iudah, {Mat. 1,5}.

26 q He shal builde it to the destruction of all his stocke, which thing was fulfilled in Hiel of Beth-el, {1 King. 16,34}.