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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 5

1 ! The Canaanites are afraide of the Israelites.

1 a The Amorites were on bothe sides Jorden whereof two Kings were slaine already on the side toward Moab.

2 ! Circumcision is commanded the seconde time.

3 c Gilgal was so called, because they were there circumcised.

5 d For they loked daily to remoue at the Lords commandement: which thing they that were newe circumcised, colde not do without great danger.

8 e For their sore was so grieuous, that they were not able to remoue.

9 f By bringing you into this promised land contrary to the wicked opinion of the Egyptians: or the foreskin, whereby you were like to the Egyptians

14 g In that that Joshua worshipeth him, he acknoliageth him to God; & in that that he calleth him selfe the Lords captain, he declareth him selfe to be Christ.