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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Joshua 4

2 ! God comanded Joshua to set vp twleue stones in Jorden.

3 ((b) Meaning, the place where they shulde campe.

6 c God commandeth that not onely we our selues profite by his wonderful workes, but that our posteritie may knowe the cause thereof and glorify his Name.

9 d Besides the twelue stones which were caried by the scribes and set vp in Gilgal.

11 e Meaning in the presence or sight of the people.

16 g Because the Arke testified Gods presence, and the tables of the Law conteined therein signified Gods wil toward his people.

19 h Called Abib or Nisan, conteining parte of Marche, and parte of April.

21 ! This miracle must be declared to the posteritie.

24 i Gods benefites serue for a condemnation to the wicked, & stirre vp his to reuerence him, and obey him.