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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 25

1 a Whether there be a plainetife or none, the magistrates oght to trie out fautes and punishe according to the crime.

1 ! The beating of the offenders.

3 c The Jews of superstition afterward toke one away, {2 Cor. 11,24}

5 d Because the Ebrewe worde signifieth not the natural brother, & the worde, that signifieth a brother, is taken also for a kinsemen: it semeth that it is not ment that the natural brother shal mary his brothers wife, but some other of the kinred, that was in that degre which might mary.

5 ! To raise vp sede to the kinsman.

11 ! In what case a womans hand must be cut off.

11 e This lawe importeth, the godly shamefastnes be preserued: for it is an horrible thing to se a woman past shame.

13 ! Of juste weights, and measures.

19 f This was partely accomplished by Saul, about 450 yeres after ward.