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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Deuteronomy 22

1 ! He commandeth to haue care of our neighbors goods.

1 a As thogh thou sawest it not.

2 b Shewing that botherly affection must be shewed, not onely to them that dwel nere vnto vs, but also to them which are farre of.

3 c Muche more are thou bounde to do for thy neighbours persone.

5 d For that were to alter the ordre of nature, & to despite God.

5 ! The woman may not weare mans apparel, nor man the womans.

6 e If God detest crueltie done to litle birdes, how muche more to man, made according to his image.

9 f The tenor of this Lawe is, to walke in simplicitie, & not to be curious of newe inuentions.

14 g That is, be occasion that she is slandred.

17 h Meaning the shete, wherein the signes of her virginitie were.

19 i For the faute of the children redoundeth to the shame of the parents: therefore his was recompenced when she was fautles.

26 k Meaning, that the innocent can not be punished.

26 / Or, no sinne worthy death.

30 l He shal not lye with his stepmother: meaning hereby all other degrees forbidden. {Leu. 18}.