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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 24

3 b His eies were shut vp before, in respect of the cleare visions which he sawe after: some read, were open.

4 c Thogh he laye as in a slepe, yet the eies of his minde were open.

5 ! Balaam prophesieth of the great prosperitie that shulde come vnto Israel.

7 e Which name was commen to the Kings of Amalek.

7 d His prosperitie and posteritie shalbe verie great.

11 g Thus the wicked burthen God when thei can not compasse their wicked enterprises.

14 h He gaue also wicked counsel to cause the Israelites to sinne, that thereby God might forsake them, {Chap. 31,16}.

17 l He shal subdue all that resist: for of Sheth came Noah, and of Noah all the worlde.

17 i Meaning Christ.

17 k That is, the princes.

20 n The Amalekites first made warre against Israel, as {Chap. 14,45}.

20 ! The destruction of the Amalekites, and of the Kenites.

21 o Make thy self as strong as thou canst.

23 p Some read, Oh, who shal not perish when the enemie, that is, Antichrist, shal set him selfe vp as God?

24 r Meaning, Eber, or the Jews, for rebelling against God.

24 q The Grecians and Romains.