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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 16

1 ! The rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram.

3 b All are a like holy: therefore none oght to be preferred aboue other: thus the wicked reason against Gods ordinance.

3 a Or, let it suffice you: meaning to haue abused them thus long.

7 d He laieth the same to their charge justly, wherewith thei wrongfully charged him.

10 e T o serue in the Congregacion, as in the verse before.

13 f Thus thei spake contempteously, preferring Egypt to Canaan.

14 g Wilt thou make them that searched the land, belieue that thei sawe not that which thei sawe?

26 k With them that haue committed so manie sinnes.

28 l I haue not forged them of mine owne braine.

30 n Or, depe & dareke places of the earth.

30 m Or, shewe a strange sight.

38 o Which were the occasion of their owne death.

38 p Of Gods judgements against rebels.

46 r For it was not lauful to take anie other fire, but of the Altar of burnt offring, {Leu. 10,1}.

48 t God drewe backe his hand & ceased to punishe them.