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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 14

1 a Such as were affraied at the reporte of the ten spies.

10 f This is the condition of them that wolde persuade in Gods cause, to be persecuted of the multitude.

20 h In that he destroied not them vtterly, but left their posteritie and certeine to entre.

24 k A meke and obedient spirit and not rebellious.

25 m For I wil not defend you.

33 o Your infidelitie and disobedience against God.

33 n The worde signifieth, to be shepherdes, or to wander like shepherds to and fro.

40 q They confesse they sinned by rebelling against God, but consider not they offended by going vp without Gods commandement.

45 ! The people that wolde entre into the land contrarie to Gods wil, are slaine.