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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 13

1 a That is, in Rithma, which was in Paran, {Chap. 33,18}.

3 b After the people had required it of Moses, as it is {Deu. 1,22}, then the Lord spake to Moses so to do.

4 ! Certeine men are sent to searche the land of Canaan.

17 c Which in nomber were twelue, according to the twelue tribes.

23 g Declaring the antiquitie thereof: also Abraham, Sarah, Izhak and Jaakob were buryed there.

25 / Or, the valley of Eshcol, that is, of grapes.

29 k Ahaiman, Sheshai and Talmai, whome Caleb slewe afterward.

31 ! Caleb comforteth the people against the discouraging of the other spies.

33 l The gyantes were so cruel that they spoiled & killed one another, and those that came to them.