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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 11

1 ! The people murmureth and is punished with fire.

1 / Ebr. it was euil in the eares of the Lord.

1 / Ebr. as injust complainers.

4 a Which were of those strangers that came out of Egypt with them, {Exod. 12:38}.

4 ! The people lusteth after flesh.

6 d For the gready lust of flesh.

11 f Or, wherein haue I displeased thee.

11 ! The weake faith of Moses.

12 g Am I their father, that none may haue charge of thee but I?

12 h Of Canaan promised by an othe to our fathers.

15 i I had rather dye, then to se my grief and miserie thus daily increase by their rebellion.

16 ! The Lord diuideth the burthen of Moses to seuenty of the Ancientes.

17 k I wil distribute my Spirit among them, as I haue done to thee.

18 l Prepare your selues that ye be not vncleane.

20 m Or, cast him of, because you refused Manna which he appointed as moste mete for you.

20 n Who leadeth and gouerneth you.

25 p From that day the Spirit of prophecie did not faile them.

28 q Or, a yong man whome he had chosen from his youthe.

28 r Suche blinde zeale was in the Apostles, {Mar. 9,38, luk. 5,4}.

32 s Of Homer, read {Leu. 2716}. also it signifieth an heape, as {Exod. 8,14, jud. 15:15}.