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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 10

2 a Or, of worke beaten out with the hammer.

5 b That is, the hoste of Judah, and they that are vnder his ensigne.

8 d So that onely the Priests must blowe the trumpets, so long as the Priesthode lasted.

10 e When ye rejoyce that God hathe remoued anie plague.

10 / Or, when you offer burnt offrings.

12 / Or, in keping this ordre in their journeys.

21 h Vpon their shulders.

25 k Leauing none behind, nor anie of the former that fainted in the way.

28 l This was the ordre of their hoste when thei remoued.

29 m Some thinke that Reuel, Jethro, Hobab, and Keni were all one: Kymhi saith that Reuel was Jethros father: so Hobab was Moses father in law.

30 ! Hobab refuseth to go with Moses his sonne in lawe.