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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 9

3 a Euen in all pointes as the Lord hathe institute it.

7 c Or celebrate the Passeouer the fourteenth day of the first moneth.

10 d And cannot come where the Tabernacle is, when others kepe it.

11 e So that, the vncleane and thei that are not at home, haue a moneth longer granted vnto them.

13 ! The punishment of him that kepeeth not the Passeouer.

13 f When the Passeouer is celebrate.

15 ! The cloude conducteth the Israelites through the wildernes.

15 g Like a piller: read {Exod. 13,21}.

18 h Who taught them what to do by the cloude.

18 / Ebr. mouthe.

19 i Thei waited when the Lord wolde signifie ether their departure, or their abode by the cloude.