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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Numbers 8

2 a To that parte which is ouer against the Candelsticke, {Exod. 25,37}.

7 c In Ebrewe it is called the water of sinne, because it is made to purge sinne, as {Chap. 19,9}.

9 d That thou maiest do this in presence of them all.

10 e Meaning certeine of them in the name of the whole.

19 h Because the Leuites go into the Sanctuarie in their name.

24 ! The age of the Leuites, when thei are receiued to seruice, and when thei are dimissed.

25 k Suche office as was peineful, as to beare burthens and suche like.

26 l In singing psalmes, instructing, counseling and keping the things in ordre.