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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 27

2 a As of his sonne or his daughter.

2 ! Of diuers vowes, and the redemption of the same.

3 c Read the value of the shekel, {Exod. 30,13}.

6 d He speaketh of those vowes whereby the fathers dedicated their children to God, which were not of suche force but thei might be redemed from them.

8 e If he be not able to pay after thy valuation.

16 h Valuing the price thereof according to the sede that is sowen, or by the sede that it doeth yelde.

16 i Homer is a measure conteining 10 Ephahs: read of Ephah {Exod. 16,16}.

21 l That is, which is dedicate to the Lord with a curse to him that doeth turne it to his priuate vse: {Nom. 21,2, deut.13,15, josh 6,17}.

28 ! A thing separate from the vse of man cannot be solde, nor redemed, but remaineth to the Lord.

32 q All that which is nombred: that is euerie tenth, as he falleth by tale, without exception or respect.