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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 26

1 / Or, stone hauing anie imagerie.

3 ! A blessing to them that kepe the commandements.

4 a By promesing abundance of earthly things he stirreth the mindes to consider the riche treasures of the spiritual blessings.

6 b Ye shal haue no warre.

9 / Ebr. I wil turne vnto you.

13 e I haue set you at ful libertie, where as before ye were as beasts tied in bandes.

15 f Which I made with you in chosing you to be my people.

19 i Ye shal haue drought & barennes, {Age 1,10}

21 k Or, as some read, by fortune, imputing my plagues to chance and fortune.

22 m Because none dare passe thereby for feare of beastes.

26 o One ouen shalbe sufficient for ten families.

26 n That is, the strength, wherby the life is susteined, {Ezek. 4,16, & 5,16}.

33 q Signifing that none enemie can come without Gods sending.

36 s As if their enemies did chase them.

39 t Forasmuche as they are culpable of their fathers fautes, they shalbe punished aswel as their fathers.

43 u While they are captiues and without repentance.