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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 25

2 ! The Sabbath of the seuenth yere.

3 a The Jews began the count of this yere in September, for then all the frutes were gathered.

5 b By reasonne of the corne that fell out of the eares the yere past.

5 c Or, which thou hast separated from thy selfe, and consecrated to God for the poore.

6 d That which the land bringeth forthe in her rest.

8 / Or, weekes.

9 e In the beginning of the 50 yere was the Jubile, so called because the joyful tidings of libertie was publikely proclaimed by the sounde of a cornet.

10 g Because the tribes shulde nether haue their possessiones, or families diminished nor confounded.

10 f Which were in bondage.

14 h By deceit or otherwise.

15 i If the Jubile to come be nere, thou shalt sel better cheape: if it be farre off, dearer.

23 l It colde not be solde foreuer, but must returne to the familie in the Jubile.

23 ! The sale and redeming of lands, houses, persones.

24 m Ye shal sel it on condicion that it may be redemed.

27 n Abating the money of the yeres past, and paying for the rest of the yeres to come.

35 r In ebr. it is, if his hand shake, meaning if he stretch forthe his hand for helpe as one in miserie.

45 t For thei shal not be boght out at the Jubile.

53 y Thou shalt not suffre him to intreat him rigorously, if you knowe it.