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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 19

1 ! A repeticion of sundrie lawes and ordinances.

2 a That is, voide of all pollution, idolatrie, and superstition bothe of soule and body.

16 f By consenting to his deathe, or conspiring with the wicked.

16 e As a slanderer, backbiter or quarelpiker.

19 g As a horse to leape an asse, or a mule a mare.

20 / Ebr. a beating shalbe. Some read, they shalbe beaten.

23 h It shalbe vncleane, as that thing which is not circumcised.

27 k As did the Gentiles in signe of mourning.

28 l By whipping your bodies or buning markes therein, as did the Cyprians and Locrenses.

28 / Ebr. soule, or persone.

36 p By these measures he meaneth all other. of ephah, read {Exod. 16,36}, & of Hin, {Exod. 29,40}.