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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 18

3 a Ye shal preserue your selues from these abominations following, which the Egyptians and the Canaanities vse.

3 ! The Israelites oght not to followe the maners of the Egyptians and the Canaanities.

5 b And therefore ye oght to serue me alone, as my people.

6 c That is, to lie with her, thogh it be vnder title of mariage.

9 e Ether by father or by mother, borne in mariage or otherwise.

10 f Thei are her children whose shame thou hast vncouered.

14 g Which thine vncle doeth discouer.

16 h Because the idolaters among whome Gods people had dwelt & shulde dwel were giuen to these horrible incests, God chargeth his to beware of the same.

18 i By seing thine affection more bent to her sister then to her.

21 l Which was an idole of the Ammonites, vnto whome thei burned and sacrificed their children, {2 King, 23,10}.

21 / Or, to make them passe.

21 / Ebr. of thy sede.

25 m I wil punish the land where suche incestuous mariages & pollutions are suffred.

25 n He compareth the wicked to euil humours and surfeting which corrupt the stomacke and oppress nature and therefore must be cast out by vomet.

28 o Bothe for their wicked mariages, vnnatural copulations, idolatrie or spiritual whoredome with Molech, and suche like abominacions.

29 p Ether by the ciuile sworde or by some plague that God wil send vpon suche.