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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 17

2 a Lest they shoud practise that Idolatrie, which they had learneed among the Egyptians.

4 ! All sacrifices muste be broght to the dore of the Tabernacle.

4 c I do as muche abhorre it as thogh he had killed a man, as {Isa. 66:3}.

5 d Wheresoeuer they were moued with folish deuotion to offre it.

7 f For idolatrie is spiritual whordome, becuase faith toward God is broken.

7 e Meaning whatsoeuer is not the true God, {1 Cor. 10,20, psal. 95,5}.

10 g I wil declare my wrath by taking vengeance on him, as {Chap. 20,3}.

13 h Which the lawe permitteth to be eaten because it is cleane.

16 / Or, him selfe.