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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 16

2 a The hie Priest entred into the Holiest of all but once a yere, euen in the moneth of September.

2 ! The Priest might not at all times come into the moste holy place.

8 b In Ebrewe it is called Azazel, which some say is a mountaine nere Sinai whether this goat was set: but rather it is called the scape goat because he was not offred but sent into the desert, as {vers 21}.

13 / Or, Arke.

14 d That is, on the side which was toward the people: for the head of the Sanctuarie stode Westward.

18 f Wherevpon the swete incense & perfume was offred.

21 g Herein this goat is a true figure of Jesus Christ, who beareth the sinnes of the people, {Is 53,4}.

21 ! The Priest confesseth the sinnes of the people.

24 h In the court where was the Lauer, {Exod. 30,18}.

29 k Meaning by abstinence and fasting.

29 i Which was Tisri & ansswereth to parte of September & parte of October.

31 l Or, a rest which ye shal kepe moste diligently.

32 m Whome the Priest shal anoint by Gods commandement, to succeed in his fathers rowme.