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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 14

2 a Or, the ceremonie which shalbe vsed in his pugation.

4 b Of birdes which were permitted to be eaten.

7 d Signifing that he was made cleane, was set at libertie, and restored to the companie of others.

10 f This measure in Ebrewe is called, log, and conteineth six eggs in measure.

10 e Which hathe no imperfection in anie member.

17 / Ebr. vpon the blood of the trespas offring.

21 / Ebr. his hand can not take it.

24 h Or, shal offre them as the offring that is shaken to and fro.

26 / Ebr. in the palmE of the Priests left hand.

28 / Or, where the blood of the trespas offring was put, as {ver 17}.

34 l This declareth that no plague or punishement commeth to man without gods prouidence & his sending.

41 m Where carions were cast, and other filth that the people might not therewith be infected.

45 n That is, he shal commande it to be pulled downe, as {ver. 40}.

49 o It semeth that this was a lace or string to binde the hyssope to the wood, & so was made a sprinkle: the Apostle to the Ebrewes calleth it skarlet wolle, {Ebr. 9,19}.

53 / Ebr. citie.

57 / Ebr. in the day of the vncleane and in the day of the cleane.