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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 13

2 ! What considerations the Priest oght to obserue in judging the leprosie

2 a That it may be suspected to be the leprie.

3 b That is, shronke in, & be lower then the rest of the skin.

6 c As hauing the skin drawen together or blackish.

8 d As touching his bodely disease: for his disease was not imputed to him for sin before God, thogh it were the punishement of sinne.

8 / Or, be spred abroade.

13 e For it is not that contagious leprie that infecteth, but a kinde of scurse, which hathe not flesh rawe as the leprosie.

15 f That is, declareth that the flesh is not sounde, but is in danger to be leprous.

20 g None were exempted, but if thePriest prononced him vncleane, he was put out from among the people: as appeareth by Marie the prophetesse, {Nomb.12,14}, and by King Ozias, {2 Chron. 26,20}.

24 h If he haue a white spot in that place, where the burning was, and was after healed.

30 i Which was not wont to be there, or els smaler then in any other parte of the body.

36 k He shal not care whether the yelowe heere be ther or no.

45 n Ether in token of mourning, or for feare of infecting others.

45 m In signe of sorowe and lamentacion.

49 o Whether it be garment, vessel or instrument.

53 p But abide stil in one place, as {vers. 37}.

55 r Or whether it be in anie bare place before or behinde.

58 s To the intent he might be sure the leprosie was departed and that all occasion of infection might be taken away.