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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 3

1 a A sacrifice of thenkesgiuing offred for peace & prosperitie, ether generally or particularly.

1 ! The maner of peace offrings, and beasts for the same.

3 b One parte was burnt, an other was to the Priests, & the third to him that offred.

6 c In the peace offring it was indifferent to offre ether male or female, but in the burnt offring onely the male: so here can be offred no birdes, but in the burnt offring thei might: all there was consumed with fire, and in the peace offring but a parte.

9 d The burnt offring was wholy consumed, and of the offring made by fire onely the inwardes, &c, were burnt: the shulder and breast, with the two chawes and the mawe were the Priests, & the rest his that offred.

13 e Meaning at the North side of the altar, {chap 1,1}.

17 ! The Israelites may nether eat fat nor blood.

17 f By eating fat was ment to be carnal, and by blood eating was signified crueltie.