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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Leviticus 2

1 a Because the burnt offring colde not be without the meat offring.

2 c To signifie that God remembreth him that offreth.

2 b The Priest.

3 ! The meat offring is after thre sorts: of fine floure vnbaken

3 d Therefore none colde eat of it but the Priests.

5 e Which is a gift offred to God to pacifie him.

12 f That is, frutes, which are swete as hony, ye may offre.

13 h Which thei were bound (as by a couenant) to vse in all sacrifices, {Nomb.18:19}, ezek, 43:24}, or it meaneth a sure and pure couenant.

14 / Or, ful eares, for the worde signifieth a fruteful field.

14 ! And of corne in the eare.