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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 30

1 a Vpon the which the swete perfume was burnt. {vers. 34}.

6 c That is, in the Sanctuarie, and not in the Holiest of all.

7 d Meaning when he trimmeth them, and refresheth the oyle.

9 e Otherwise made them this, which is described.

9 f But it must onely serue to burne perfume.

12 g Whereby he testified that he redemed his life which he had forfait, as is declared by Dauid, {2 Sam. 24,1}.

13 ! The summe that the Israelites shulde pay to the Tabernacle.

13 h This shekel valued two commune shekels: & the gerah valued about a pence, after 5 shill. sterl. the once of siluer.

16 & The Lauer of Brasse A The fundation or fote of the Lauer. B The Lauer, Because Moses describeth not the maner of this Lauer, this figure is made after the facion of Salomons, which semeth to be moste agreable to this, {1King. 7,38} saue in stede of wheles are put barres to beare it, as in the other figures also appeareth.

16 ! The brasen Lauer.

19 k Signifing that he that commeth to God, must be washed from all sinne and corruption.

23 n It is a kinde of reede of a very swete sauour within & is vsed in poudres & odours.

23 ! The anointing Oyle.

26 o All things which apparteine to the Tabernacle.

33 q Ether a stranger, or an Israelite, saue onely the Priest.

34 r In Ebrewe, Sheleleth: which is a swete kinde of gumme and shinneth as the naile.

34 ! The making of the perfume.