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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 18

1 ! Jethro commeth to se Moses his sonne-in-lawe.

2 a It may seme that he sent her backe to her father for her impaciencie, lest she shulde be a let to his vocation, which was so dangerous, {chap. 4,25}.

5 b Horeb is called the mount of God, because God wroght many miracles there.

6 / Ebr. of peace.

9 ! Jethro rejoyceth and offreth sacrifice to God.

10 d Wherby it is euident that he worshiped the true God, and therefore Moses refused not to mary his daughter.

11 e For they that drowned the children of the Israelites, pershished themselues by water.

12 f They are in that place, where the sacrificed was offred: for parte was burnt and the rest eaten.

15 g That is, to knowe Gods wil, and haue justice executed.

19 h Judge thou in harde causes, which can not be decided but by consulting with God.

21 i What manner of men oght to be chosen to beare office.

24 ! Moses obeieth his counsel in appointing officers.

24 k Godlie counsel oght euer to be obeied, thogh it come of our inferiors: for to suche God often times giueth wisdome to humble them that are exalted.

24 l Read the occasion, {Nomb.10:29}.