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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 17

1 a Moses here noteth not euerie place, where they camped, as {Nom. 33}, but onely those places where some notable thing was done.

1 / Ebr. at the mouthe.

1 ! The Israelites come into Rephidim and grudge for water.

2 b Why distrust you God? why loke you not for succour of him without murmuring against vs?

4 c How readie this people are for their owne matters to slay the true prophets, and how slow thei are to reuenge Gods cause against his enemies and false prophets.

7 d When in aduersitie we thinke God absent, we neglect his promes and make him a lier.

7 / Or, Tentacion.

8 e Who came of Eliphaz, sonne of Easu, {Gen. 36:12}.

11 ! Moses holdeth vp his hands, & thei ouercome the Amalekites.

11 g So that we se how dangerous a thing it is to faint in prayer.

15 i That is, the Lord is my banner: as he declared by holding vp his rod and his hands.