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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 4

1 a God beareth with Moses douting, because he was not al together without faith.

1 ! Moses rod is turned into a serpent.

5 b This power to worke miracles was to confirme his doctrine, & to assure him of his vocation.

6 ! His hand is leperous.

9 c Because these thre signes shulde be sufficient witnes to proue that Moses shulde deliuer Gods people.

9 ! The water of the riuer is turned into blood.

10 / Ebr. heauie of mouthe.

13 d That is, of the Messias: or some other, that is more mete then I.

14 e Thogh we prouoke God justly to angre, yet he wil neuer reject his.

14 ! Aaron is giuen to helpe Moses.

16 g Meaning as a wise counselor and ful of Gods Spirit.

20 h Whereby he wrought the miracles.

21 j By reteining my spirit and deliuering him vnto Satan to increase his malice.

24 l God punished with a sickenes for neglecting his Sacrament.

25 m This acte was extrodinarie: for Moses was sore sicke, and God euen then required it.

25 ! His wife circumcises her sonne.

27 ! Aaron meteth with Moses, and thei come to the Israelites, and are beleued.

31 n So that Moses had now experience of Gods promes that he shulde haue good successe.