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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 3

1 ! Moses kepeth shepe, and God appeareth vnto him in a bushe.

1 / Or, far with in the desert.

1 a It was so called after the Lawe was giuen.

1 b Called also Sinai.

2 c This signifieth that the Church is not consumed by the fier of afflictions, because God is in the middes therof.

5 e Resigne thy self vp to me, {Ruth 4:7, jos 5:15 }.

5 f Because of my presence.

9 k He heard before, but now he wolde reuenge it.

10 ! He sendeth him to deliuer the children of Israel.

11 l He doeth not fully disobey God, but acknowledgeth his owne weaknes.

12 m Neither feare thine owne weaknes, nor Pharaohs tyrannie.

14 n The God which haue euer bene, am and shalbe: the God almightie, by whome all things haue their being, and the God of mercie mindeful of my promes, {Reuel 1:4}.

18 o Because Egypt was ful of idolatrie, God wolde appoint them a place where thei shulde serue him purely.

22 p This example may not be followed generally: thogh at Gods command thei did it justly, receiuing some recompense of their labours.