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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 2

1 a This Leuite was called Amram, who married Jochabed, {cha. 6,20}.

3 b Committing him to the prouidence of God, whome she colde not kepe from the angre of the tyrant.

8 c Mans counsel cannot hindre that, which God hathe determined shal come to passe.

11 d That is, was fourtie yeres olde, {Act 7,23}.

12 e Being assured that God had appointed him to deliuer the Israelites, {Acts 7:25}.

12 ! He killeth the Egyptian.

12 / Ebr. thus & thus.

14 f Thogh by his feare he shewed his infirmity, yet faith couered it, {Ebr. 11,27}.

20 g Wherein he declared a thankful minde, which wolde recompense the benefite done vnto his.

23 h God humbleth his by afflictions, that thei shulde cry vnto him, & receiue frute of his promes.

23 ! The Israelites crye vnto the Lord.

25 i He judged their cause: or , acknowledged them to be his.