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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Exodus 1

1 a Moses describeth the wonderful ordre that God oberserueth in performing his promess to Abraham, {Gen. 15:44}.

8 c He considered not how God had preserued Egypt for Josephs sake.

8 ! The newe Pharaoh opresseth them.

10 d In to Cannan, and so we shal lose our commoditie.

12 e The more that God blesseth his, the more doeth the wicked inuie them.

14 / Ebr. wherwith thei serued them selues of them by crueltie.

15 f These seme to haue bene the chief of the rest.

15 ! The Kings commandement to the midwiues.

19 g Their disobedience herein was lawful, but their dissembling euil.

21 h That is, God increased the families of the Israelites by their meanes.

22 ! The sonnes of the Ebrewes are commanded to be cast into the riuer.

22 i When tyrants cannot preuail by craft, thei brast forthe into open rage.