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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 50

2 a He meaneth them that embaumed the dead & buryed them.

3 b thei were more excessiue in lamenting then the faithful.

6 c The very infideles wolde haue othes performed.

17 e Meaning, that thei which haue one God, shulde be joyned in moste sure loue.

19 f Who, by the good success semeth to remit it, & therfore it oght not to be reuenged by me.

19 ! Joseph forgiueth his brethren.

22 g Who, notwithstanding he bare rule in Egypt about foure score yeres, yet was joyned with the Church of God in faith and religion.

25 h He speaketh this by the spirit of prophecy, exhorting his brethren, to haue ful trust in Gods promes for their deliuerance.