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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 49

1 ! Jaakob blesseth all his sonnes by name, and sheweth them what is to come.

1 a When God shal bring you out of Egypt.

3 c If thou hadest not lost thy birthright by thine offence.

5 / Or, their swordes were instruments of violence.

6 d Or, tongue, meaning that he nether consented to them in worde nor thoght.

7 f For Leui had no parte, and Simeon was vnder Judah, {Josh. 19:1}, til God gaue them the place of the Amalekites. {1 Chro. 4:43}.

10 i Which is Christ the Messias, the giuer of all prosperitie: who shal call the Gentiles to salvation.

11 k A countrey moste abundant with vines and pastures is promised him.

14 l His force shalbe great, but he shal want courage to resist his enemies.

14 / Ebr. an asse of great bones.

21 q Ouercoming more by faire wordes then by force.

22 / Ebr. a sonne of increase.

26 t In as muche as he was more nere to the accomplishment of the promes, and it had bene more often confirmeed.

26 u Either in dignitie, or when he was solde from his brethren.

33 ! He dyeth.