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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 48

1 ! Joseph with his two sonnes visiteth his sicke father.

1 a Joseph more estemeth that his children shulde be receiued into Jaakobs familie which was the Church of God, then to enjoye all the treasures of Egypt.

3 / Or, all sufficient.

4 b Which is true in the carnal Israel vnto the comming of Christ, and in the spiritual for euer.

9 c The faithful acknowledge all benefites to come of Gods fre mercies.

14 d Gods judgement is oft times contrary to mans, & he preferreth that which man despiseth.

16 e This Angel must be vnderstood of Christ, as {chap. 31,13. & 32,1}.

16 f Let them be taken as my children.

17 g Joseph faileth in binding Gods grace to the ordre of nature.

20 h In whome Gods graces shulde manifestly appeare.

21 ! He prophesieth their returne to Canaan.

22 k By my children whome God spared for my sake.