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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 45

1 ! Joseph maketh himself knowen to his brethren.

1 a Not that he was ashamed of his kinred, but that he wolde couer his brethrens faute.

5 b This example teacheth that we must by all meanes comfort them which are truely humbled & wounded for their sinnes.

8 ! He sheweth that all was done by Gods prouidence.

8 c Albeit God detest sinne, yet he turneth mans wickednes to serue to his glorie.

12 d That is, that I speake in your owne language, and haue none interpreter.

18 f The chiefest frutes & commodities.

18 ! Pharoah commandeth him to send for his father.

23 / Or, he sent as muche, to wit, siluer, as {vers. 22}, & ten asses.

24 g Seing he had remitted the faute done toward him, he wolde not that thei shulde accuse one another.