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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 44

2 a We may not by this example vse any vnlawful practises, seing God hathe commanded vs to walke in simplicitie.

5 b Because the people thoght he colde deuine, he attributeth to him selfe that knowledge: or els he faineth that he consulted with soothsaiers for it: which simulation is worthy to be reproued.

13 c To signifie how greatly the thing displeased them, and how sorry thei were for it.

16 d If we se no euident cause of our affliction, let vs loke to the secret counsel of God, who punisheth vs justly for our sinnes.

18 e Equal in autoritie: or, next vnto the King.

33 ! Judah offreth himself to be seruant for Benjamin.

34 h Meaning, he had rather remaine there, prisoner, then to returne and se his father in heauines.