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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 43

1 a This was a great tentation to Jaakob to suffre so great famine in that land where God had promesd to blesse him.

7 / Ebr. to the mouthe of these wordes: that is, that thing which he asked vs.

12 b When we are in necessitie or danger God forbiddeth not to vse all honest meanes to better our estate and condition.

13 ! Jaakob suffreth Benjamin to departe with his children.

14 d He speaketh these wordes not so muche of despair, as to make his sonnes more careful to bring againe their brother.

14 c Our chief trust oght to be in God and not in worldelie meanes.

18 / Ebr. role him selfe vpon vs.

23 ! Simeon is deliuered out of prison.

23 f Notwithstanding the corruptions of Egypt, yet Joseph taught his familie to feare God.

28 e So the judgement of God pressed their conscience.

30 / Ebr. bowels.

32 i The nature of the superstitious is to condemne all other in respect of them selves.

32 ! They feast together.

32 h To signifie his dignitie.

34 k Sometimes this worde signifieth to be dronken, but here it is ment that thei had ynough, and dronke of the best wine.