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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Genesis 42

1 a This storie sheweth plainely that all things are gouerned by Gods prouidence for the profite of his Church.

3 ! Josephs brethren come into Egypt to bye corne.

7 c This dissembling is not to be followed, nor any particular facts of the fathers not approued by Gods worde.

15 d The Egyptians, which were idolaters, vsed to sweare by their kings life: but God forbiddeth to sweare by any but him: yet Joseph dwelling among the wicked smelleth of their corruptions.

21 f Affliction maketh men to acknowledge their fautes, which otherwise thei wolde dissemble.

22 g God wil take vengeance vpon vs, & measure vs with our owne measure.

24 h Thogh he shewed him selfe rigorous, yet his brotherlie affection remained.

24 ! Simeon is put in prison.

26 ! The other returne to their father to fet Benjamin.

28 i Because their conscience accused them of their sinne, they thoght God wolde haue broght them to trouble by this money.

36 k For thei femed not to be touched with any loue towarde their brethren, which increased his sorowes: & partely as appeareth he suspected them for Joseph.

36 / Or, light vpon me.